Wedding Dress 101: Your quick guide to key (and often confusing) wedding dress terminology

Most ladies are not wedding specialists. For the vast majority, it’s an occasion you plan just once in your life, and you venture all through the happy bedlam by taking an interest in the periodic wedding party. The absence of learning can make the wedding dress or bridal tiara shopping knowledge appear to be overwhelming, particularly when individuals begin tossing some insane new words your direction!

Godet. Isn’t that a painter?

Blusher. Is that for applying cosmetics?

Crinoline. Authoritatively lost.

For every one of you baffled ladies out there fearing the wedding dress shopping knowledge, take a full breath. This post will take care of every one of your issues, helping you explore the most befuddling wedding dress terms. How about we begin.


Hallucination can allude to the skin-conditioned tulle or work that is utilized to cause the neck area or sleeves to seem undetectable and still give you the adaptability to make a special neck area or give the presence of gliding ribbon.


Scalloping is a kind of ribbon application recognizable by a progression of trim bends gathering at the edge of a texture. It gets its name from the scallop since it would appear that a scallop shell.

Scalloping is utilized to adapt neck areas, back subtleties and in many cases trims on a wedding dress to give that additional pinch of emotional flare and tastefulness.


Watteau, what? It’s a style of the train for your wedding dress. What recognizes a Watteau train from different trains (like brush, Castilian, house of God, illustrious, sanctuary, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) is the means by which it interfaces with the dress.

This train comes as a solitary board of texture joins at the shoulders and buoys down to your stitch perfectly.


In case you’re tied in with including that long, clearing train to your wedding dress, at that point one thing you’re going to need is a Bustle – a key device to enable you to progress from “function dress” (made for strolling down the walkway, looking impeccable) and the”reception dress” (made for moving). There are various styles – from sew-in systems, strips, and snares – and it spares you the inconvenience of buying an extra dress for the gathering.

Trust your tailor to deal with this little detail and converse with them about the various ways you can get imaginative with the clamor on your dress.


In case you’re going sleeveless for your wedding dress, yet at the same time need to include a touch of something over your shoulders, you might need to consider including a Bolero. A bolero is a kind of trimmed coat, frequently made of a ribbon overlay or a beaded texture, and adds to your stockpile of wedding dress adornments.


In case you’re hoping to make a particular outline look with your wedding outfit, think about a Corset to add to your marriage outfit. Bodices press and snap your midriff while likewise sticking tight to your body, held with either snares, snaps, strip, or a basic zipper.


Need to be a Crinoline ruler? Simple. Simply include additional layers underneath the dress’ top layers. This additional texture is normally a harder netting or tulle is likewise called an underskirt, and enables you to include volume without including a lot of weight.

Try not to stress over it being awkward against your skin under the dress; there is always a covering that will be sleek to the touch.


Nope, not the painter. This kind of Godet is an emotional style train, ordinarily made with a board of material – as a rule in a roundabout or triangular shape – that you embed into a dress or skirt to make a flare.

In case you’re hoping to include a tad of volume to your wedding outfit, yet would prefer not to go the method for the crinoline, consider this training style.

Ribbon Applique.

In case you’re supposing an applique has something to do with “applying,” you’re actually right. Applique is an enhance added substance to a wedding dress, more often than not including the use of one sort of texture over the wedding dress texture.

A few appliques incorporate texture blossoms, ribbon, tulle, sequins, different sorts of shines, or progressively mind-boggling pieces – like kick the bucket cut appliques.


No, Blusher isn’t alluding to the cosmetics – yet close, it covers your face. A blusher is a board that covers the lady’s face when strolling down the walkway. It’s shorter, produced using a solitary layer, and is made to be worn over the face just during the service.

After, it flips over the back of the head to make a layered look in the back or can be evacuated. Veils come in all shapes and estimates and don’t really have blushers.

Ideally, this breakdown of befuddling terms will give you the certainty you have to head into your shopping background and drop some astonishing wedding dress jargon without so much as a second thought. Keep in mind: these terms and styles aren’t there to worry you.

From crinolines to Watteau, each new style you learn carries you closer to making the ideal wedding dress customized only for you.

Beautician Pro Tip: Don’t be threatened by the regularly befuddling phrasing that accompanies wedding dress shopping. Timetable a call with a beautician here to discover some clearness.