The Basics of Poker Betting that Every Player Should Know

You’re thinking of going to Newtown Casino in Malaysia to play some poker games, but you want to refine your knowledge of the game beforehand so that you will have a better time playing the game in an actual casino.

That being said, not a lot of people really know the terminologies being used in the game; let alone, the process of betting.

Today, I am going to give you a basic guide on the basics of poker betting that every aspiring poker player should know.

Poker Terminologies

There are plenty of different terms that you hear while you’re playing a poker game. These terms should be put to mind so that you will know exactly how the game is played in the smoothest way possible.

Some of the terms that you need to memorize are:

  • Antes- If the poker game that you are playing has an ante mechanic, every player that is going to join in the game should contribute a predetermined amount of money to the pot before the game starts. It is just a small bet, but do keep in mind that the player’s ante is not counted as your original bet. It is just a means to set the pot before the game begins
  • Blinds- Also known as the “forced bet”, a blind is where the player is coerced to place an initial bet before the deal. The idea is coined as such because you’re pretty much going in blind because you are not going to see the card prior to making the deal. In most poker games, the two players that are situated to the left of the dealer are the ones usually asked to pay the blinds. If the bet is the minimum amount, it will be called the big blind and the one who will make the larger bet will be called the little blind.
  • Check- This term just refers to “pass”. It the next turn is yours and there really is no action that needs to be done during the round, you can check out. If every player does the same, then that would signal the end of the current round.
  • Bet- This is where the player is required to place some chips or money into the pot. The number of chips required for the player to put in will depend on the predetermined amount set before the game starts or what the betting structure is used (which is typically stated before the game).
  • Call- A call is usually the term being stated if the player wants to match the opponent’s bet (assuming that they have one).
  • Raise- As the name implies, this is where the player (or other players) may increase the original bet (if there is any). In most poker games, the amount that is needed to raise would be equal to the amount of the original bet.
  • Fold- Folding is the practice of just throwing your hand away, allowing the dealer to give you a fresh new set of cards at the start of the next round.