Tesla to Refine Their Mobile App by Adding a Nifty Feature

Tesla is one of those companies that make use of technology to better mankind. Its company CEO, Elon Musk, said that his organization is set to provide additional changes within their mobile application- allowing people who use the application to have roadside assistance.
The company’s mobile app developers will add a feature that will allow owners to request roadside assistance directly from within the mobile application.

Elon Musk said that his priority for this year would be to improve their existing services even more. He states that it is definitely one of their major priorities this year and he aims to improve their services in North America.

Controversial Moves

Although Elon Musk tries to improve his company’s existing services, their “improvement” of their services doesn’t have a good track record. For instance, back when the mobile application allowed users to make a service appointment directly from within the interface- launching a new service status update feature from the app itself- the company has essentially taken away the ability for customers to contact local service centers immediately form the application.

Despite the bad rep, the company is set to add the feature regardless as it will help and improve the service manifold by providing the means to contact roadside assistance by just using the Tesla mobile application.

A Good Improvement

The company has released beta versions of this feature to a select number of people and I’ve got to say that the responses were mostly positive. Back in the day, whenever you want to use Tesla’s roadside assistance, you would have to click on the link on the app and talk to an agent about the problem. This is quite cumbersome, especially if the person who has requested the assistance might not know exactly where they are.

But, the service has been refined to a considerable degree. You do not have to know exactly where you are because the application now makes use of a GPS tracking tool that will immediately pinpoint your location and send it back to the company so that they can send help.
Musk went on to say that the assistance can be canceled at any time if it is no longer necessary. Still, the company is set to improve its automated emergency service and repairs.

Not long ago, the CEO of the company made statements regarding the expansion of their services after having admitted that his company made a blunder in terms of its service coverage. In light of this fiasco, the company opened new service centers to ensure smooth service across the board.