Sexual Performance Anxiety And How to Deal With I

In many ways anxiety about success and ED can be related. Stress and anxiety at finding a partner sexually or pleasingly will cause both men and women to have sexual dysfunction. If such personal sexual desires are not satisfied, it may lead to an inadequate or incapacitating downward spiral. In men, these insufficient and self-esteem feelings may lead to physical symptoms like ED. Research points to a strong correlation between the intellectual state of a man and his sexual capacity. This may be the male supplement and give awareness to all men about this matters

Performance problems Triggers

Performance anxiety is normally triggered by negative thinking about how well you do sex. This may involve physical insufficiencies or a partner’s failure to please. The bodily image, penis size or perceptions of manhood or the position of a woman can influence these feelings. More common negative thoughts about life can also lead to anxiety about success. Stress at work, family, or money may also affect the mental health of a man and lead to anxiety about results.


Performance anxiety affects all individuals differently, and everyone reacts in different ways to stress and anxiety. The body can have different forms of symptoms, including premature ejaculation, orgasm failure or sex loss. ED’s physical symptoms include difficulties achieving or sustaining an erection and can cause loss of sexual desire.

Prevent the loop

Many men can end up in a performance anxiety loop. A deceptional sexual experience is perfectly common from time to time, and often ED signs are not necessarily troubling. But men with anxiety about success may dwell on or consider this event a loss. This will cause them to be concerned about potential sexual behaviour, and the ED will proceed. Instead, men must realise that what they see as a sexual failure is a completely natural occurrence. It may help to recognise which stressors or concerns have affected the symptoms of ED rather than concentrating on the negative result. The explanation can be plain, such as a potential work project or a family journey. An individual may reduce the stress to perform well each time , especially during periods of increased stress, by shifting the attention to the cause rather than the signs.


Research has shown that little or no physical activity is associated with ED symptoms. Even stress levels can be minimised by only 20 to 30 minutes of work-out a few days a week. Specific exercises can also improve symptoms besides general exercise. Pelvic exercises can contribute to strengthening the muscle that pumps blood into the penis during erection, for instance Kegel. A man may exercise Kegel by clasping the muscles used to stop the urine stream.

Focus on the senses

Many men with anxiety about success often experience their sexual failure. They will worry about the thought or understanding of the sex partner during sexual activity constantly. One advice is to concentrate the mind more on the senses. It may help a man concentrate instead of evaluating the event during sexual activity. Focusing on what the hands feel or what the eyes see can help a man to avoid nervous performance thoughts. Using sweet candles or romantic music may also contribute to the sensory experience and reduce the anxiety of an individual.