Important Things that You Should Know Before Buying Your First Philippe Patek Watch

I am going to post a trivia question here: Who was the inventor of the wristwatch as we
know it today? If you do not know the answer, it is actually Philippe Patek.

If you are fond of watches, you might have come across this man’s company. I mean,
the father of wristwatches should have his own company, right?

Philippe Patek sells amazing luxury watches and I know they are quite expensive. But, if
you know anything about how watches work, you will be amazed in his watches and the
impeccable craftsmanship that goes along with it.

They specialize in their in-house movements but to the layman, you could think of it as
just a unique and specialized version of the mechanical watches.
If you are going to buy one, read this article first so that you will know some important
pieces of information that can help you find the best Patek Philippe watches for you.

Be Aware of the Serial Numbers

There are a lot of different watches that are being offered based on different categories
or product lines. There is the Nautilus, Calatrava, Aquanaut, Complicated, and the
Grand Complications line.

For the layman, it would have been easier for you to remember them if people were to
refer to these watches simply by name, but that is not really the case, especially if you
are talking to auctioneers or watch collectors.

They often refer to the watches based on their serial numbers. So, before heading out
to buy your own Patek, make sure that you know the serial number of the particular
watch you are going to buy. This makes things a whole lot easier for you and the seller.

Go for Stainless Steel

This popular watchmaking company offers many different watches that make use of
different materials. There is the Rose Gold, Gold, and Stainless Steel. However, despite
gold being the more precious of the metals, their stainless steel line is actually one that
is more prevalent and one that sells for a lot of money.

For instance, their model 1518 is a stainless steel watch that was sold for more than
$11 million and some of their limited edition ones are sold for at least $1 million.
So, if you are looking to sell the watch for a profit in the future, you must invest in their
stainless steel lineup.

Different Stores

There are three ways you can buy Patek Philippe Watches. One is directly from their
stores. There are three of them scattered throughout Europe and you can buy the
watches directly from there.

Another way you can buy their watches is if you buy one from authorized dealers and
sellers. The third option would be to buy one from an affiliated secondary market. This is
where you will purchase them from grey market dealers or resellers.

When Buying the Watches

If you are going to buy Patek watches from authorized dealers, do not be insulted if they
will ask questions about you. They will do so because they want to make sure that you
are not a watch dealer or anything.

The easiest way out of the predicament is to just hand them over your business card.
Explain your profession and what you do and you are pretty much going to be off the
hook and you can bring home one of their most highly-coveted watches.