How Do You Choose the Right Formula Milk for Your Baby?

Pediatricians and health experts agree that breastmilk is always best for babies until such time that the mother is unable to produce more milk from their breasts anymore.

That being said, a lot of new mothers rarely, if ever, go with breastmilk simply because it is no longer convenient for them to do so. Add to that the fact that they do not know how to encourage their babies to latch on to their breasts is another reason why they want to turn to formula milk.

To be honest, most millennial moms nowadays now opt for this option. It is quite easy, actually, since all you have to do is put a couple of scoops inside a baby milk bottle, give it a brisk shake, and then you can feed it to your baby.
If you want to go with this approach, how, then, can you choose the right formula milk for your baby? Read on to find out.

Go with a Cow’s Milk

Although soy milk is quite popular for the adults, it is actually cow’s milk that is popular with the babies. They are relatively inexpensive, and most babies can tolerate milk that is based on grass-fed cows, said Danelle Fisher, vice chair of Pediatrics at Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

Can You Go with Soy?

Most babies can actually adapt when you feed them formula milk that is derived from cows, but there are some that would be allergic to that source and may produce more gas than others.

If that is the case, then you can turn to soy-based milk for your babies. According to Fisher, soy milk is best for babies that have an allergic reaction to cow’s milk. In addition, some communities have an abundant supply of soy milk, making it more convenient for them to feed it to their babies.

Fisher also added to not believe anything negative you hear about soy-based formula milk. She said that she has used it on her own baby with no ill-effects documented. Thus, it tells you that it is indeed safe for consumption, despite reports that soy-based milk can produce unwanted hormones in the baby.

This is further supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics, though they did state that you should only use soy-based formula milk in special instances, as well as with the advice of your child’s pediatrician.

Do Not Cheap Out on Milk

When you browse the grocery stores, you will find plenty of different kinds of formula milk. Fisher said to only go for the most reputable brands.

In a survey that was conducted in partnership with Pharmacy Times, three brands emerged at the top: Enfamil, Similac, and PediaSure.

These are the brands that you should consider, given that these companies have done their own research. They not only have created milk that babies enjoy, but they also made sure that their brains respond to the elements found in the milk itself.

Although they are quite expensive than the rest, you are assured that they are getting quality milk with all of the nutrients their bodies for optimal growth and nutrition.