eCommerce Marketing Guide: Tips to Increase Sales

Social sharing

The more people talk about and share your items with their friends and family, the more likely
they are to get them and encourage their friends to get them as well.

That is the reason you should make it as easy as possible for your customers to share items
directly from your item pages.

An easy method to do this is to include a social share button on your online business store and website.

This will enable you to leverage social stages like Facebook and Pinterest to create a buzz about
your items and encourage those exceptionally significant informal recommendations, which are
more effective than customary advertising.

Website retargeting

It’s stunning to feel that lone 2% of customers convert on their first visit to your e-commerce store.

That is because people need to have repeated exposure to your items to motivate them to purchase.

That is the reason website retargeting is so powerful.
This process involves putting away mysterious cookies with your website guests that track their
journey around the web, which enables you to re-target them with your advertisements on
other sites.

Include an exit-intent popup

Exit-intent popups detect when a user is going to navigate away from your page and shows a
spring up designed to win back their attention and engagement.

This could be a markdown offer, a truck abandonment reminder, or a newsletter information
exchange structure.

Exit popups are a final resort because popups are disruptive, and they are targeting users who
already need to leave your site, yet exit-intent popups can help conversions from around 3-10%
as indicated by an examination by Sumo.

Construct customer steadfastness with a retail application

Most perusing is done by smartphones these days, yet numerous brands are behind the curve
when it comes to reaching their users on their preferred devices.

On the off chance that you need to generate an unwavering customer base, you need to give
them what they need in the manner that they need it and reward their increased attention.

Building a retail application is a powerful method to do this. Unwaveringness needs to be
encouraged and rewarded, and an application lets you offer reliability programs that are
exclusive to application users.

Try to make your application an absolute pleasure to use and a real timesaver for people. Toss
in devotion rewards in addition, and you’re golden.

Upsell and strategically pitch your items

Not all marketing is tied in with getting people to purchase the items they are at first
considering. You can likewise suggest extra related items (strategically pitching) or more
advanced versions of the items they are taking a gander at (upselling).

Often people haven’t considered getting a more advanced item. However, in the event that you
call attention to the value of “supersizing” an item, you often get results.

This will help you get more value from each customer. This is significant because it’s
substantially more expensive to acquire a new customer than to sell to an existing one, and the
higher the average spends of each customer, the higher their lifetime value will be. This means
more sales with less work.

Send truck abandonment emails.

It’s wild to imagine that nearly 70% of people will desert their shopping basket before
completing checkout. In any case, this isn’t necessarily because they aren’t interested in your

It may be that they need to compare prices with other sites. Or then again, perhaps they are
utilizing your eCommerce store to create a list of things to get.

Maybe they’re distracted by something; maybe their manager has come once more into the
office; they’re perusing your site during advertisement breaks… it could be anything.

The fact of the matter isn’t to give up on the people who have abandoned their trucks. It’s often
for reasons that you are able to solve by giving them the correct data or an incentive.
Setting up automated truck abandonment emails is a perfect method to close the deal the
second time around.

Feature item videos

Remembering item videos for your eCommerce website can increase the likelihood that people
will make a purchase by up to 85%, as indicated by research. Remembering videos for your
pages increases the time people spend on each page, and it will encourage people to browse
other pages of your site as well. This will lead to more conversions.

Item videos make your items and services come alive for your customers and provide helpful
context for their purchase decisions. They show your items in a positive light and make the
shopping experience more distinctive.

People get a really strong sense of what they are purchasing, and your creation values will
make your items more appealing. One significant game retailer saw an 86% increase in return
on advertisement spend (ROAS) after utilizing item videos, which included integrated
suggestions to take action (CTAs).