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Pediatricians and health experts agree that breastmilk is always best for babies until such time that the mother is unable to produce more milk from their breasts anymore. That being said, a lot of new mothers rarely, if ever, go with breastmilk simply because it is no longer convenient for them to do so. Add to that the fact that they do not know how to encourage their babies to latch on to their breasts is another reason why they want to turn to formula milk. To be honest, most millennial moms

So, your baby was just born and you, as first-time parents, are quite excited to bring them into the world. You prepare your baby milk bottle with some of your breastmilk and then feed your baby shortly after being born. Now, when you are still in the hospital, your baby is always taken good care of by the healthcare providers. However, what do you do after you get discharged and you go home? Do not worry as I will give you some tips to help you best take care of your newborn