Buying the Best Change Table for Your Infant Child

Baby shopping is therapeutic and fun for parents. Whether you need to buy baby diapers, cot mattresses or jogging strollers in Malaysia, finding products that you will make your parenting routine easier is enjoyable and important.

So, what are those baby products that will make your baby care tasks easier? I suggest buying a baby changing table. Do you know that an average baby goes through around 6,000 diaper changes for the first 2 years of its life? As a busy parent, you would want your experience to be as smooth and effective as possible.

Here are the 3 primary types of changing tables you can easily find in stores:

  • Tables that come with a baby bath under its change surface.
  • Wooden changing tables with 2 or 3 drawers or tiers.
  • Portable folding baby changing tables with a fabric body and metal frame.

What should you look for in a baby changing table?

1. Ease of cleaning. Its surface must be easy to wipe, in case messes occur. The padding and mattress must also be easy to clean.
2. Foldable. This is an important matter if you are short on space.
3. Mattress. Not all baby changing tables include mattresses, so you must purchase one separately.
4. Safety

  • Restraint straps and harnesses are good features that can help secure the child. However, these are not substitutes for normal safety measures and proper attention.
  • It must be well-balanced in order to avoid tipping.
  • It must be stable, strong and with some type of roll-off protection like raised sides. This will prevent the kid from rolling off the changing surface.
  • Don’t ever buy changing tables with limb traps or sharp edges.

5. Storage space

  • Side trays and shelves provide the most storage, though a table with a single shelf is stillvery much useful.
  • Make sure that your changing table has a lot of storage space to keep baby lotions, nappies, wipes and other essentials within arm’s reach.

5 tips for to ensure your baby’s safety when changing nappies:

1. Make sure that the collapsible frames are all locked securely before using it.

2. All the essentials must be close at hand, but out of the child’s reach.

3. The changing table must be free from little objects that may cause choking.

4. Try to keep a single hand on your child at all times when changing her. Don’t leave her unattended on the table.

5. Be careful when older siblings are climbing on the changing tables, most especially onthose models with pull-out drawers. A simple step can unbalance the table.