A Short Guide to Online Baccarat: The Basic Things You Need to Know

Popularized by private high-stake rooms and James bond, there is no doubt that baccarat is one
of the most popular online casino games in Thailand, and in the entire world. High rollers love
playing it. Many people love it because it provides one of the lowest house edges inside the
casino, usually around 1.06%. It can give you a realistic chance of winning sessions.

Despite all the myths surrounding baccarat, in reality, it is straight-forward game any person can
play. Usually, players use 8 full decks of cards.

Prior to the deal, the players take turns to bet one of the two hands–that of the banker and player.
You can have a third option on betting on a tie. However, this usually pays out 8/1, when the real
odds are really so close to 11/1, making it a bet players must avoid.

The goal here is to pick which hand you think would get closest to 9. Once the two cards foe
very hand are dealt on the table, the cards’ values are added up. Aces amount to 1, while 10s and
face cards amount to nothing. In case the total of the cards exceeds 9, then 10 would be deducted
from your score. This means that a total of 10 will be zero and so on.

If the total of the hand amounted to 9 or 8, the game is declared “natural.” This ends the action,
and the highest score would be the inner. If the total of both the hands are lower than 9, the
action will follow set rules depending on the hand of the player.

If you bet on the winning hand, you will get even pay-outs, matching the original bets. Those
players with the winning banker bets would get 5% commissions, dedicated from the house.

Drawing the 3 rd Card

If a player totals 7 or 6, no further cards will be drawn for that player. Also, the banker’s hand
should stand on a 7 or 6 or draw on lower.

What happens if the player’s hand amounts to 5 or less? Well, a third card should be drawn. In
case this happens, the banker needs to stand on a 7, or is given a third card.

If the hand of the banker amounts to 0-2, the third card is drawn no matter what that player gets.
If the hand of the banker amounts to 3, the card is drawn, except if that player gets an 8.
If the hand of the banker amounts to 4, the card is drawn, except if that player gets a 9, 8, 1 or 0.
If the hand of the banker amounts to 5, the card is drawn if that player gets a 7, 6, 5 or 4.

It would be helpful to remember the aforementioned information, but at the end of the day, they
are only used as guidance to spot mistakes. These actions are all automatic for dealers.