8 Killer Design Tips for Creating Mobile Apps

Part of mobile app development is thinking about the app’s overall design. After all, a
poorly-designed app is one that will surely get uninstalled shortly after a user has
perused your application.

That being said, what should an app developer do to make something that actually
looks really good? Well, you’ve come to the right article! Today, I am handing out some
killer design tips for creating stunning mobile apps.

The Grid System

In photography, seasoned photographers always look at a picture in a grid system. This
basically allows the photographer to make it certain that some elements are within the
right range and measurements.

The same concept also applies to mobile app design. Since people are going to be
scrolling up and down your application, everything should be in order and precise
measurements should remain accurate and consistent at all times.That is why the grid system is very useful.

Consistency with Spacing

Every element that is printed on the screen has to be taken into account because it can
actually define the padding and the spacing of your application. Make sure that the
heights, margins, and widths remain consistent all throughout your application.

Color Hierarchy

When you are creating an app that compels users to act, your call to action button
should have punchy colors so as to attract the attention of the user while they’re
perusing your application.

Furthermore, you can also experiment with color hierarchy, especially if the choices are
based on the impact. For instance, if you give a survey from within your application, the
color may correspond to the strength of your user’s choices.

A choice colored in bold means that their preference is strong and the color that seems
like it’s fading means that the preference is most likely weak.

Logos Are Important

When you look at popular businesses like McDonald’s or Burger King, you will find that
you can tell what the business is just by looking at their respective logos.

Your logo is part of your brand so it is important that you also consider this really well.
Create one that is going to be quite memorable- one that people will not forget even as
time passes.

Use Bold and Italics to Prove a Point

Bolds and italics are there for a reason and if there is something that you want to further
compound on, use them.

Stay Abreast of Current Trends

Design is all about trends. Therefore, make sure that you are in the know of the current
trends in the mobile app development space.

Performance is Paramount

As mobile devices become more competent in the performance perspective, there really
is no good reason for you not to create something that performs admirably.

Optimize your application so that it runs on older devices and always do everything you
can to make your code clean to further improve your application’s performance even more.

Study Visual Guidelines

Look at popular entities like Facebook and Google, for example. Study how the
companies made use of the font, colors, margins, and so much more.