5 Best Swimming Watches and Waterproof Fitness Trackers To Count Laps

1. Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Are you looking for the best swimming watch? Look no further than Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro. It
is water resistant to up to 50 meters, making it a good choice for your swimming adventures. Its
app is connected with Speedo On, which monitors activities, and offers users with reviews on their swims.

2. Fitbit Versa

The Fitbit Versa is one of the most famous fitness smartwatches today. Fitbit is a trusted brand
among the athlete community, and is constantly dedicated in improving its accessories. This new
Fitbit watch model is good for monitoring laps, and it is water resistant to up to around 50
meters. You can also wear this at the gym, so you can keep track of the calories that you lost during a workout.

3. Garmin Forerunner 935 GPS

Are you having a hard time choosing a casual watch in Malaysia? It’s actually the same with
swimming watches. Since there are tons of choices available in the market, selecting the right
one can be difficult. Why not take the advice of many athletes? For them, the Garmin Forerunner
935 is the winner for its versatility and multisport features. It has a reliable, built-in sporting data
for monitoring everything, from cross-country skiing to cycling.

4. Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

The popular Suunto Spartan Collection is a line of multisport watches designed for various
outdoor and sports activities. One of the best models in this line is the Suunto Spartan Trainer
Wrist HR. This is a GPS timepiece that supports a wide range of sports, from swimming and
cycling to hiking and running. It is stylish, and you can even get it in many colors–blue, amber, steel gold and black.

5. Swimmo

Swimmo has an extensive list of swim workout choices that allow people to easily set goals and
monitor progress. It allows you to measure burned calories, lap times, duration, speed, and pace.
This timepiece also boats of a piece technology called Rotate&Tap™. Through this, there is no
need for you to press any button to begin your fitness training.