3 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Rolex as an Investment

Are you looking for a mechanical watch in Malaysia? You may want to get a Rolex watch. Several people pick this watch brand because of their amazing ability to hold value, an appreciate as the years progress.

Do you know that Rolex timepieces can maintain their value a lot better compared to watches from other manufacturers? Before getting hold of your Rolex dream watch, below are some things you may want to keep in mind.

Investing on Vintage Rolex Timepieces

Modern Rolex timepieces are known as advanced pieces of technology made from quality materials. However, it is still the vintage watch market that gather record-breaking valuations. Just like antique furniture, old watches frequently generate their value from that fact that they are not anymore in production. Moreover, since several Rolex timepieces were handled roughly from the previous times, a big number were destroyed and lost throughout the decades.

Sports Watches

Not all Rolex watches has the potential to increase its value. Some Rolex watch lines are more collected compared to the others, and has bigger chances of increasing in value. For instance, the Rolex President and Datejust are two of the most recognizable and iconic timepieces in the entire world, it is actually the Rolex Professional collection that get the most attention. It really gets the highest bids from watch collectors all over the world.

Rolex’s professional timepieces are purpose-built and robust, and are built to withstand frequent, rigorous use. These are now considered as luxury and heirloom watches. It’s no longer unusual for a Rolex Daytona to sell millions at auctions.

Mint Condition

No matter what the future holds for luxury timepiece collecting, there will always be a strong market for Rolex watches in mint condition. Every year, Rolex watches lose or gain popularity. It all depends on the Rolex releases, consumer preferences and market trends. A timepiece in mint condition would always sell more.