15 Reasons to Wear a Watch

A person will do something if they can get any incentive from doing that activity. Now, this begs the question: Why should anyone be wearing an automatic watch in the 21st century? After all, there are now smartphones that can not only tell the time but also be able to do a lot of different things as well.

Although no one can argue with that logic, there are actually a lot of incentives for wearing a watch in this day and age. Here are just a couple of them:

It is More Convenient

Whipping out your phone requires about 3 seconds to do that at the very least. You can easily tell the time when you are wearing a watch since all you have to do is to glance over your wrist.

Can Be a Conversation Piece

If you are wearing a classic timepiece, it is can certainly catch the attention of that cute girl over at the bar.


Watches can add style to your overall outfit. Can you say the same thing with a smartphone?

Time Things Well

With a watch, you can easily time your activities if you want to achieve PRs or if you want to get that perfect cook on the steak.

Prevents You from Drunk Texting

If you still cannot get over your ex, a wristwatch can prevent you from sending a message to her since, well, a watch cannot do that.

Not Distracting

Do you want to be productive? Fortunately, a wristwatch can help you with that. It is not distracting and it can help you keep track of time so that you won’t be wasting it.

Allows You to Disconnect

Looking at your phone can prove to be so distracting and there is a huge possibility that you will just be wasting your time. A wristwatch helps you get away from your phone, allowing you to disconnect.

Act as a Compass

If you do not have a compass, you can use an analog watch to help you find your way. Alternatively, you can buy a tactical watch that does the same thing (and more).

Choose One that Suits You

Watches come in all shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that perfectly fits your style and personality.

You Don’t Have to Worry About Batteries

Unlike smartphones, you do not have to worry about the batteries when you are using a wristwatch because their batteries can last a very long time (some don’t even have batteries yet they operate as accurately as a smartphone).

Impress that Girl

Girls know something valuable when they see one. A watch definitely has that allure.

Status Symbol

Wearing a nice watch tells other people your status in life without you ever having to explain to them.

Great Heirloom

Watches can be handed down to the next generation. Can you do that with a smartphone?

Good Investment

Buy a luxury watch now and sell it for later for a profit.

They Just Look Really Darn Good

Need I say more?